I haven’t posted anything in while and I feel like I’m breaking the law or something?  I’ve been busy with various projects and I’ve been caught up in making comments and replies to an online newsletter  I get.  Sometimes I don’t want to comment but I can’t seem to help myself.  It all seems so addicting?


So what’s going on?  I’ve been clearing land that has been neglected for several years.  Doing so creates piles of brush that I’ve been burning along so as not to get to large a pile.  But now comes the difficult part: the burn ban.  Yes it’s summer and the area has been suffering under drought which makes it dangerous to burn in the open.  I admit this but anyone can use some of their native intteligence to determine if it’s safe or not to burn.   Now you have to get a permit to burn anything…not!


I called the local forestry agency about a burn permit and the man that answered seemed friendly enough.  He told me right away that he could help me with that.   He asked me what county, I told him, he said wait a minute, I waited then he came back in a few seconds and told me no permits to burn are allowed.  I told him it was only a small pile of brush and it had been raining and everything was soaked so there was no danger of a forest fire.  He said he understood but the ban goes from July to October no exception.  This irritated me and I asked why?  He told me the EPA was the agency that enforced the burn ban and they don’t allow any exceptions.


This only shows that freedom doesn’t exist in this nation anymore.  Some of you might be tempted to ask , “you’re only now realizing this?”  No, I’ve known it for a long time.  Others might be tempted to say, “the government has the right to protect the people from the actions of others and this regulation is a good thing.”  Which my reply would be “hogwash!”


My initial reaction was to burn the pile anyway and take the chance of being caught.  This would be my right granted to me by YHWH.  Then I decided that to do so would be foolish.   Your king has the power to enforce any edict he desires whether it is just or not.   A person has to decide if his cause is just enough to justify the ordeal that would follow breaking that edict?    I don’t believe that in this case it would  be.   So, I’ll pick another cause to fight for.  There will be plenty of causes in the future because your king is going to try to enslave all of us and try to force us to accept his mark.  Then it’ll be time to die.


Until then:  Be well an prosper.



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  1. I can relate to the frustration of dealing with stupid government rules when doing just about anything that YHWH allows or even commands us to do. We recently had our septic system fail, so my husband explained to the DNR guy that he had the funds to buy the materials to put the system in himself, but could not pay labor for someone else to do the work. No matter, they would rather see you homeless than to have any unlicensed person touch the system. So a man who only wants to care for his family’s health and safety without going into debt can’t do so without being punished. So we looked into getting government funds to pay for it since they were forcing us to do it, but those funds are all gone.

    Ultimately, YHWH blessed us with unexpected financial help from family and the kindness of a friend in the septic business, so the situation is resolved. Ironically, the licensed contractors went ahead and put an illegally patched tank in to save us money, but the authorities are happy because everything’s “official”. Nuts, isn’t it? We often have burn bans here too, like you. Don’t you feel safe knowing that government is there to protect you from your own common sense? Grrr…

    Speaking of bizarre experiences with government, thank you for your comment on my jury duty blog post. I did finally reply, but I think I’ll save the rest of the story for a future post. It will motivate me to get back to blogging again. Suffice it to say it was an odd experience.

    • Tanya, it would be unfair of me to say that all government regulation is bad. It’s not. The problem is not the government but the people themselves. We have people who will do anything no matter how harmful it is to others and we can find plenty of those in the private sector and the government. The problem with the government is that the people in it feel like they know better than everybody else. Man proves that he is incapable of governing himself and so we will always have these struggles. Right now it’s the little person, as it’;s always been, that suffers because of these power hungry greedy people.

      I know about your desire to blog. I haven’t been able to do post as often as I used to. I’ve been rehabing the property here and between it and my father I’ve been swamped and have little time to do what I love when it comes to writing. I’ve opened up several acres that have been taken over by the “jungle” and have so far retrieved about 16 pecan trees from the jungle. It’s slow and dangerous work as our 59 year old tractor has no cage to keep hidden vines and climbing rose bushes from trying to pull me off of the tractor. I love doing this type of work just as much as writing. Be well and prosper.

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